aBout the Program

One of our world class performers will bring this unforgettable adventure to your school. Using storytelling, music, interactive videos, magical illusions and audience participation, your students will go on a journey to Africa.


We have partnered with Bidii Primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, who invited us (and our friend, NED, a lovable cartoon character) to visit their beautiful country. Although there was some fear and reluctance at first because of the differences, we quickly learn that we have something in common with the kids in Kenya that can break down barriers… a kind heart and a caring attitude.


NED's Kindness Adventure assembly can support your initiatives for developing a positive and caring school climate. Its proactive approach aims to prevent many forms of mistreatment, including bullying, by showcasing the sense of satisfaction that takes place when a child chooses to show kindness, respect and acceptance.

KEy Themes: Caring is cool Include others I can make friends anywhere each Person Matters 
a lot Different can be good

This one page overview gives a brief explanation of the program.


Print this PDF for your Principal, Assembly Coordinator, Counselor, PTA/PTO President or administrator who schedules assemblies.

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The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya endorses the Kindness Adventure.

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Behind the scenes
Program cost

The Kindness Adventure assembly is brought to your school at no cost because of our unique Pay-It Forward ® program. Through this program, another school has already made it possible for us to visit your school and you can do the same for other schools. After the assembly, your students will have the opportunity to purchase handcrafted items by artisans in Kenya.

Each item purchased keeps kindness going in three ways:

Gives your students a kindness reminder

Sends the Kindness Adventure to other schools for free

Provides income for the artisans in Kenya

Carved Bone & Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Coil Wraps

Coin Pouches

Backpack Pulls

Safari in a Bag

Includes 5 hand carved
wooden animals

Each year,
Kindness Adventure funds a water project for kids in Kenya.

Kindness Sale items Include:


All jewelry and carved items are hand-made in Kenya using leather, fabric, beads, and carved/colored bone in colorful designs (suitable for boys and girls).


Toys and games are inspired by Kenyan designs and flag colors.


Prices vary from $8 to $15.

(Effective for the 2019-20 school year)


Many colors and styles available for children and adults.

Here are a few examples of the items. Product may vary.

Toys and Games

Kindness "rocks"


Feather Flyers

24 game pieces

watch an aRtisan in acTion!

All hand-crafted jewelry and carved items are fully approved for export by the Kenya Chamber of commerce and inspected /certified by SGS

Beaded Snap Wristbands

Rock Bracelets

Pay-it-ForwarD to other Schools - Here's how that works
  • A school hosts the Kindness Adventure
  • They run the Kindness Sale
  • Proceeds from their sale help cover the cost for us to visit YOUR school
  • YOUR school hosts the assembly
  • You run the Kindness Sale
  • Proceeds from YOUR sale help cover the cost for us to visit the next school
  • Another school hosts the assembly
  • They run the Kindness Sale
  • Proceeds from THIS sale help cover the cost for us to visit the next school
     and so on and so on!

Additional information:

Not one dime

is taken from



There is




We provide information on how to run a smooth and efficient sale




in Kenya

We pay the



on all unsold items





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