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Reviews about our assembly

The kids really enjoyed the program and have been talking about how important it is to help others.  They also really resonated with the fact that not everyone has access to the things they have, like water, which was a crazy idea/realization to them.  It was awesome. Thanks so much for the opportunity.  10/15/2018


We focus on "Be Kind" throughout our district. Ned's message reinforced our mission of treating others the way you want to be treated. It was great to have the kids hear the same language from someone else.  It couldn't have been better if we had planned it that way. 2/14/2019


Thank you for NED’s Kindness Adventure assembly and online resources. We continue to strive to reinforce kindness throughout our school as well as our community.  We have adopted nursing homes and just lately are raising funds to donate to USS Sioux City and the sailors aboard the ship.  Teachers are aware of your site with all the cool plans.  I have used them before in guidance class.  Your video clips are also very helpful.  The kids like them.  Plus they deliver the messages I am looking for.   2/14/2019


That was awesome! All the teachers are raving about how engaged the students were throughout the whole show! One of teachers who has been here 16 years commented that NED’s Kindness Adventure was the best show she’s experienced. We are looking forward to having NED’s Mindset Mission visit next year.  1/16/2019


We absolutely loved the show. I had several teachers say that they thought it was the best one we have had all year. The students also loved it. This has been a great experience for our school family. 1/15/2018


We LOVED having Ned's Kindness Adventure!  Our students were engaged the entire time and even our staff have commented on what a great program it was. 2/15/2019


I cannot tell you enough what a wonderful response we’ve received from students, staff and parents alike. Whoever wrote the script truly understands how to engage children of all ages-a tall order when you’re talking differing development stages all in one audience. 10/5/2018


This is my 11th year as a principal and 14th in administration. I have to say that this is one of the best assemblies I’ve ever seen!  8/27/2018


Our students and staff truly enjoyed NED’s Kindness Adventure. The presentation and its message have been a topic of conversation all week. It fit seamlessly into our PBIS program and ties into our TRACKS program. We are already planning to schedule NED’s Growth Mindset Mission assembly for next year11/13/2018


Students and staff loved the assembly! The kids were blown away by the magic acts and overall presentation. I’ve personally received feedback from teachers who found the assembly to be spectacular. 11/30/2018


I’ve had several teachers state that this was the “best assembly we’ve ever had”. The video clips of Kenya were real attention grabbers. Our administrators have spoken with several children about recent behaviors and are citing phrases from this assembly to help. 10/30/2018


Our staff and students all loved the Kindness Adventure.  Along with reinforcing our constant message of kindness, the students learned about students from a different culture in a fun, engaging presentation.  I recommend the program to fellow counselors.  Thank you for offering new engaging programs along with the ability to pay for the program through the sale.  The concept of paying it forward and helping students in another community has really impacted our students and staff.

Thanks again.  We can’t wait to have you back next year!  10/5/2018



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