Reviews about our assembly

I thought it was excellent. The kids were so engaged throughout and it really connected them to a culture different from our own. That is so difficult to do but you did it!  5/7/2018


We loved it! Great message about kindness and differences. 5/31/2018


This was one of the best assemblies we have had. Love it!  4/23/2018


This show was phenomenal. The lessons it taught our students were fabulous. Our performer was SO good and SO good with the students – I’ve never had someone better at the school. This assembly had a bright and clear message. Our students were so excited to buy kindness swag after the show.  4/17/2018


Our teachers said it was the best presentation they have seen! 4/16/2018


Hands down one of the best assemblies we have had in a long time. Big hit with the kids, but a bigger hit with the teachers. Usually they are not so enthusiastic, but I have heard and heard from them how much they liked it. 3/12/2018


It was fantastic. An emphasis on kindness in our community and kindness in our world was needed and well received. We hope to do this again! 3/10/2018



This was an EXCELLENT assembly. My students were enthusiastic the entire time and learned so much. It was heartwarming to hear their reactions to the kindness message. Thank you for coming to your school.  4/23/2018


This was an incredible show! We LOVED it. 4/4/2018


I cried especially when we did the NED pledge. I was impressed that the performer used several volunteers, interesting enough many were some of the underdogs who know what it is like to not be accepted because of their differences. 3/21/2018


I love how it is a fun and engaging way to spread kindness and teach about helping others.  4/6/2018


It was my favorite assembly! I loved how relevant the themes were to my students. Students and families are still bringing it up and sharing positive reactions. 3/15/2018


Great job of getting and holding the attention of young kids through 6th graders. Positive message. Encouraging kindness. Cultural awareness. Very inspirational! 3/12/2018


This is a wonderful program. Any time you can get your kids to see beyond the community they live in is advantageous. 3/1/2018


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