Reviews about our assembly

The whole presentation was AWESOME! Student management wasn’t an issue because of how engaging the presentation and the presenter were. Excellent from start to finish! Even teachers stopped to tell me how great they thought it was, and that NEVER happens!  11/13/2017


Wonderful program. We will invite you back next year. 12/18/2017


The Kindness Adventure assembly was truly an experience that we will never forget. The performer delivered the information with so much enthusiasm that it completely filled the room. All of the topics were presented in a way that ALL of the students could understand. I believe the students gained a deeper knowledge of what it means to be “Kind” and learned ways that they can self-improve to reflect this behavior. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.  12/5/2017


I thought it was one of the best assemblies I’ve ever witnessed, not only educational but fun! I spread the word to a few of my close teacher friends to have them schedule it for their own school buildings.  11/15/2017


I have very rarely seen an entire school of children be that engaged for that length of time. EXCELLENT PRESENTATION! 12/8/2017




I thought the performer was AMAZING and very professional… in fact the Kindness Adventure Assembly is the best I’ve seen in my 20 year career at school.  2/18/2017


This was the best NED performance we’ve had to date. I love how our students were made aware of global issues. 12/13/2017


During my follow-up lessons with the students, we focused on “different is good” and ended up exploring the extremely diverse backgrounds of the students in each class. Kids LOVED getting to talk about their family background and share some foods and cultural traditions that made their families special. One of our students from Kenya was able to share with her class show she often eats Ugali just like NED did in the assembly – what a neat connection.



I was so excited to see how our students could easily see the differences and similarities with students who attends schools in different areas of the world. Opportunities like these allow our students to see how “small” the world is and how there are more things that make us the same than there are differences. Our students talked about the show all day. They absolutely loved it.  11/14/2017


We used the Kindness Adventure to kick-off a Kindness Challenge at our schools and it was perfect. The teachers often refer back to the assembly to redirect students and promote kindness. 11/13/2017

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