Reviews about our assembly

There were two students that were pulled up on stage that have a history of arguing and fighting each other. Since the assembly, we have not had a problem with these two students.



When kids came into my office to purchase products, they knew how the money was going to support people in Kenya.



Ironically, our water line broke and we had to turn off the water to our school that same afternoon. Kids were able to connect that to the assembly and said they feel bad for the kids in Kenya without clean water/toilets that flush, etc. all the time.



Within hours, kids were hugging each other, being nice to one another. Randomly hugging teachers and saying "thanks."



It really opened the students' eyes to how something that is "given" others do not have that luxury. They are shocked to see people around the world need to travel to get water and it isn't even clean.


After the assembly, we continued to talk about the message of kindness, our music teachers incorporated songs about in her class, as well.



We just had the show yesterday. Our students really connected with the videos of the children from Kenya. We also have students from Africa, they discussed with me today that this sparked cultural conversations at home, they learned things they did not know about their parents and seemed so proud to be able to connect with their African culture. How cool is that?!?



I overheard a third grade student say, "I want to help people back home have clean water" as she was buying a necklace. The student comes from a refugee family from Africa



What a wonderful way to integrate culture into celebrating and respecting differences!


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