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When you bring the Kindness Adventure to your school, you’re inviting an All for KIDZ world class performer who is carefully trained and often has years of experience with educational assemblies. While your performer is there to help you deepen your school-wide work on kindness and bullying prevention, they also bring global knowledge to the stage. Each performer of the Kindness Adventure has traveled to meet our partners in Kenya. They’ve spent time with the students and staff at Bidii Primary School in Nairobi, shared meals with the Maasai in Kajiado County, and have stood in awe of the wildlife of the Maasai Mara. The stories they’ll share will be captivating and heartfelt, as they all have received a great deal of personal kindness from the people they met and experiences they brought back during their time in Kenya.


Allow us to kindly introduce you to the performers of the Kindness Adventure:


The students at Bidii Primary School often asked, ''What tribe are you from?'' Kazmo would have to say that kids are his tribe, as they are the people who inspire him the most. With degrees in Theatre and Elementary Education, he is very grateful to be able to use his experiences to share NED's Kindness Adventure.

Kazmo's favorite memories from Kenya are dancing with the Maasai warriors, jumping over bushes with the village kids, riding through the savannah at sunset, and eating ugali...lots of it. Yum!

"When you really open yourself up to new people and experiences, you carry them with you, wherever you go."


Mallory has been performing for kids since she was a kid! She has been performing for All for KIDZ for two years and is SUPER excited to share their latest journey together; their trip to Kenya! Mallory's favorite parts of the trip were learning new games with the kids at the Bidii school, watching warthogs eat on their front two legs (SO silly), and dancing with the families in the Massai village. Mallory can't wait for the adventure to begin at your school so we can get this kindness growing both here and abroad!

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."


Dancing with the Maasai

Overwhelmed by baby elephant cuteness

Chatting with Brian from Bidii

Matt L.

Matt has always had an active imagination, but his time at All for KIDZ has been truly unbelievable. After motivating kids through The NED Show for the past two years, he is thrilled to join NED on a new adventure... of Kindness! Matt still finds himself daydreaming about meals shared with a Kenyan village chief and watching a newborn elephant take it's first steps across the Mara. He is ecstatic to promote friendship and cultural openness in such a fun, unique way!

"Even the things you like most were once unfamiliar. Different doesn't mean bad, it means new!"

Outside a traditional Maasai home

Matt laughing at the hyena

Making friends at Bidii school

Tim H.

Tim has been performing for All for KIDZ for 5 years and is over the moon with joy to bring you the Kindness Adventure. He has a 6 year old son who really wants to go to Kenya just like his dad got to this last August. Tim's two favorite memories of his trip to Kenya are making animal sounds with the kids at the Maasai village, and getting to pet a baby elephant named Joto! Performing for kids his whole life has prepared Tim for this...his greatest adventure.

"Together, let's celebrate differences in the world and spread a little kindness. Because kindness can change everything!"

Maasai village celebration

Tim's pumped about the new well!

Sharing adventures with a Bidii student

Tim S.

Tim loves inspiring students and making them smile!  That's why he's been doing it for over 15 years with All For KIDZ.  His lovely wife and 3 awesome kiddos say that "fun" is Tim's native language. His trip to Kenya was full of amazing experiences... like the unforgettable kindness of the Kenyan people, sweet Maasai children who want to hold your hand and not let go, and realizing that giraffes run in slow motion & that little warthogs look hilarious as they zip & skitter across the savanna!

"Kindness is contagious.

Make sure someone catches it from you today!"

Maasai kids & Tim

Tim & Daniel (he's a Maasai warrior!)

Tim & his Bidii school buddies


Trish has been performing in the theatre since she was a kid! She is thrilled to perform for and teach children to celebrate their differences and put kindness into action.


While in Kenya, she especially enjoyed walking arm in arm and laughing with the women of a Maasai village. Seeing the indescribable beauty of the exotic animals on the Maasai Mara, and playing games with the children at the Bidii school.

"Let your smile change the world!"

Laughing with the Maasai women

Dazzled by the giraffe

Having a blast with the Bidii students


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