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water for a maasai village

On August 12, 2016, All for KIDZ dedicated our first clean water well in Kenya. Planning had started almost a year earlier. Our Kindness Adventure team traveled 20+ hours by plane, and 3 hours by matatu (Kenyan bus) to get from Seattle, Washington to a rural village outside of Nairobi, Kenya. We were met in a village near Kajiado by Chief Jehoshaphat, some village elders and 20 children with bright smiles.




What a learning experience this was for all of us at All for KIDZ. When we returned home, we researched, read, and talked with experts. We lost a lot of sleep but we had a lot of hope. We realized that we could show kindness by helping the chief achieve his dream of clean water. When we shared this news with Chief Jehoshaphat, he and the village leadership eagerly signed agreement papers. If we installed the water well, the village would maintain it and never charge their people for the water.


As a first step, we hired hydrogeologists to analyze the area and determine the coordinates for the first well drilling hole (bore hole). Then, children watched as a big drill rig set up to dig the bore hole. Our kindness adventure was officially underway. The drill kept going down… 100 feet, 200 feet, 500 feet, all the way to 800 feet deep! That is like drilling down 2-1/2 football fields under the ground!


The result: no water. The hole was dry. We were a little discouraged but we remembered our team’s favorite motto: “Never Give Up!” We needed to find our growth mindset. When plan A didn’t work – we tried Plan B. We consulted with a new geological survey team that used a process developed by NASA and the University of California. With satellite imagery, they located two fractures deep beneath the village which allowed them to predict water in a new spot. Finding water is an adventurous process in itself! So we kept our fingers crossed that we would find water this time. A week later, drilling started up again with a new bore hole in the second location. On Monday, August 1st, the bore hole hit water. Everyone was SO excited. The chief and the community danced and cheered at the site of the well in Kenya. And our team rejoiced from our homes and offices in the United States. Quickly, work was completed to install a hand pump and the necessary cement work.


Our Kindness Adventure Team returned to Kajiado to visit with our friends, see the well and celebrate fresh, clean water. This time, instead of 20 villagers greeting us, we were met by Chief Jehosophat and the village leadership plus 250 excited children and 200 grateful villagers.

“We will do great things with clean water. We can irrigate. We will have enough water to drink, enough water to cook, and we will share it with our fellow friends in the community. Water transforms our lives.”




The name “Kajiado” means “the long river”

in Maasai language. However, this river only provides water for a few months after the April rains. Because of this, the village has no source of water for most of the year. It depends on a dirt pit to store some of this rain water, which they use for cooking, cleaning and drinking. We could not believe what we saw. In our own neighborhoods, we take for granted the availability of clean water.


Chief Jehosophat explained that if his village had a water well to draw up water from the ground, then they would no longer fear getting sick or running out of water altogether. A well for clean water in this village would make such a difference to our new friends. This was the perfect place for a kindness adventure to begin…let’s bring clean water to Chief Jehosophat and his people.

Well Type: simple borehole & pump handle

Drill Company: Majitech

GPS Coordinates:  1°50'16.8"S 36°49'18.2"E

Maasai children enjoying the fresh water

Well Dedication Ceremony, August 2016

Small donations
make a big difference for kids in Kenya

per item purchased from the
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More than one-third of Kenyans face a very real challenge every day – a lack of clean drinking water. These links provide more information regarding the water need in developing countries.


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