Dear Program Coordinator,

Thank you for giving your time and energy to hosting the Kindness Adventure at your school Because of your efforts, students will enjoy a fabulous character education assembly that will inspire them to be kind-hearted.


We want each step to be efficient for you, so we’ve provided this guide and checklist to help you coordinate our program from beginning to end.


Before your show

Approximately 1-2 weeks before your show...


  • You will receive a PRE-SHOW PACKET in the mail.

  • Upon receiving this envelope, call (or email) your Account Executive at 1-877-872-9696 if you have any questions.


  • Enlist a few TEACHER/PARENT VOLUNTEERS to assist with the Pay-It-Forward sale.

  • Hang the enclosed POSTER to build excitement.

A few days before your show...

  • Make copies of the PARENT LETTER (from Pre-Show Packet) and send it home with the students 1-2 days before the show.
  • Use this PRESS RELEASE to let your local newspaper, TV or radio station know what’s happening at your school!
The day of your show
  • Please be sure the person who is coordinating your Pay-It-Forward sale is available to meet with the performer for 20 minutes upon the performer's arrival.

  • Have the performance area cleared, along with two 8’ tables and wastebasket set up, at least 90 minutes before the show. If this is before your school opens, please provide your custodian’s cell number so we can secure access.

Expect your performer to arrive approximately 90 minutes before show time.

after your show
  • Fill out the SALE AGREEMENT*. Return the pink copy and payment in the PRE-PAID stamped envelope*.

  • Pack & return all unsold items, condensing into as few boxes as possible. Refer to the WE PAY THE FREIGHT* form for details. We cover all shipping costs.
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  • PACK & RETURN all unsold items using the PRE-PAID UPS LABELS we provide*.



Your performer will give you these items on the day of your assembly.

  • Set up the area for your 5-10 days Kindness Sale.

  • Display the large product poster in a prominent area for students and parents to see.*

Once your 5-10 day sale is completed...

Visit the Contest Page

Keep Kindness going all year long!
  • INVITE staff to visit our website and SUBSCRIBE to the Kindness Adventure e-NEWSLETTER to receive periodic resources.


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