Primary and Intermediate lessons focusing on kindness and compassion



Every Lesson includes:

  • Identifies key vocabulary
  • Discussion starters and questions to check for understanding
  • Engaging writing prompts
  • Activities and at least one printable activity or resource

Primary Lesson

Elephants are Kind
Includes Activities

12 pgs -  PDF

Primary Lesson

Elephants Care
Includes Activities

13 pgs -  PDF

Intermediate Lesson

Elephants Connect
Includes Activities

11 pgs -  PDF

Intermediate Lesson

Elephants Empathize Includes Activities

11 pgs -  PDF



Coloring Page Poems

Four coloring pages with original poems that highlight the traits of elephants.

Elephant Fact Cards

Enhance your lessons with NED's fact cards. Each set contains 3 cards with full page image and tons of facts about elephants. (PDFs are set up to print double-sided.)



A4 Size



Caring is Cool Button Bundle

These buttons make an excellent reward or incentive to encourage students to be kind and caring!
Buttons are 1-3/4" in diameter.

30 pack / $19.00        150 pack / $80.00

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