Primary and Intermediate lessons focusing on kindness and compassion



Every Lesson includes:

  • Identifies key vocabulary
  • Discussion starters and questions to check for understanding
  • Engaging writing prompts
  • Activities and at least one printable activity or resource

Primary Lesson

Elephants are Kind
Includes Activities

12 pgs -  PDF

Primary Lesson

Elephants Care
Includes Activities

13 pgs -  PDF

Intermediate Lesson

Elephants Connect
Includes Activities

11 pgs -  PDF

Intermediate Lesson

Elephants Empathize Includes Activities

11 pgs -  PDF


Video Lesson

Includes discussion starters and activities.

4 pgs - PDF


What is Kindness? (1:55)

Students from Bidii Primary School define “kindness” and share ways they think elephants show care! This video lesson can stand alone or be used to build excitement for other Caring is Cool lesson plans and activities.

A4 Size



Coloring Page Poems

Four coloring pages with original poems that highlight the traits of elephants.

Elephant Fact Cards

Enhance your lessons with NED's fact cards. Each set contains 3 cards with full page image and tons of facts about elephants. (PDFs are set up to print double-sided.)

Adopt an Elephant

Find out how you can adopt an elephant!







Caring is Cool Button Bundle

These buttons make an excellent reward or incentive to encourage students to be kind and caring!
Buttons are 1-3/4" in diameter.

30 pack / $19.00        150 pack / $80.00

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